What We Do

Best solutions for your cargo

We have the knowledge and experience to provide best solutions for your cargo


Road transport

We offer comprehensive import and export services in international road transport, tailored to meet the needs and demands of a diverse client base. Whether complex cargos with multiple drop offs or just a single pallet delivery we treat all our customer consignments with the same urgency and respect. All transactions are carried out under CMR Convention terms and conditions.

Temperature controlled goods

Transporting temperature-sensitive commodities requires both special equipment and expertise. At Gepa Logistics we operate a fully modern fleet of temperature controlled equipment, including heated and refrigerated vans, all equipped with the latest temperature controlled technology.

Dangerous goods

Our years of experience in handling dangerous goods make us the best choice for transporting specialized cargo. Gepa Logistics transport has the equipment and manpower to carry dangerous goods within Europe while complying with all legislative requirements and industry standards. All our staff engaged in this service is certified and trained in hazardous materials and dangerous goods handling. (Certain restrictions apply to explosives only).

Transport of goods out of the EU

We can handle clearance of import and export consignments when shipping to or from non-EU countries. Our main services in customs clearance include advice to the clients in preparing documents related to import and export, completion of appraisement and examination procedures, liaising with the respective customs office and payments. After the customs formalities are completed we deliver the consignments to the said destination as per our clients needs.

The possibility of extension the above services depends on availability

  • car with air suspension (so-called air-ride)
  • additional, cargo non-standard safety solutions (e.g. cover with blankets)
  • ADR dangerous goods
  • helping the driver loading/unloading the goods
  • temperature printout after the order completion (in case of refrigeration track)


We provide time critical deliveries to every airport in Europe. Should some spare parts for aeroplanes or lost baggage be at the airport within few hours? Don’t waste time! Just make a call to GEPA and leave it with us. We are able to collect your goods even within half an hour since job confirmation and carry a shipment as soon as possible to its destination.

GEPA also supports industry market associated with aerospace. We regularly operate between companies which manufacture composites and spare parts for aerorplanes. In this case, we can especially provide air-ride vans.

Automotive and Industry

In this sector GEPA offers full dedication and total solution every time. What would you say for all night of movements between 2 or more factories? With GEPA you can take advantage of a few vans engaged only for your company. You will be able to do as many movements as you need all day & all night without any fears about availability of the vans. You can work smoothly and one of our employees will watch over all operations.


In case of removals let’s take advantage of vehicles with tail lift and driver’s help with loading all items. We provide appropriate safeguarding of furniture and other household goods. We also have experience in transporting antiques as well as motorbikes/quads/snowmobiles.


Do you have any laboratory test samples or important medicaments which should be carried in temperature controlled conditions? Do you care for sterilely clean and dry cargo space? Then we pride our fleet of fridge vans and experienced drivers with ADR certificates. We also provide temperature print-off on each delivery.

Events and Exhibitions

Are you an exhibitor or do you organize exhibitions? Do you need an operator who would every time deliver your goods for exhibitions directly to designated stand and driver’s help with loading/unloading? Regardless of how many items you have or where the exhibitions will be held, you have found the right company!